Animation in school holidays

During the school holidays we have a varied entertainment program for the kids for a fun holiday.


You will find two supermarkets in Andijk:

Dekamarkt Andijk
Middenweg 59A
1619 BN Andijk

Lidl Andijk
Dijkgraaf Grootsweg 34
1619 BV Andijk


The village of Andijk has some cultural highlights. Nice to explore Andijk once culturally.

At the foot of the access road you will find two museums under one roof. In the museums permanent exhibitions can be viewed about 5000 years of life and work in the polder "Het Grootslag" and on the Dutch garden seed sector in past, present and future. The museums are located in the former polder pumping station "Het Grootslag", with which the Proefpolder has been drained.

Hoedenmuseum "Zet 'm op"
In the Hoedenmuseum at the Hornpad in Andijk, Annet Mantel - van Dokkum has exhibited her private collection of hats. There are a number of hats that you can fit. For the children there is a questionnaire about various hats that can be seen there.

Shopping center "Beldershof"

Shopping center 'Beldershof' is the shopping center of Andijk, and has ample parking for and around the shops. Parking is free around the shopping center, and allows you to easily load your daily groceries into your car. 'Beldershof' is completely covered which makes it pleasant to shop in bad weather. Around the shopping center you will find a glass box and a number of playground equipment for the little ones.

The shopping center 'Beldershof' exists since 1991, but there have been more than 150 years of shops in the center of Andijk. For consumers, the shopping center offers a variety of shops, including a butcher, bakery and supermarket.

Shopping center 'Beldershof' has undergone a renovation in 2003 where the store offer has remained the same but the space for a number of stores has increased. The street image around the shopping center has also been given a new appearance whereby the maximum speed around the shopping center has been reduced from 50 to 30 km. p / u. There has also been more parking space around the shopping center and more "square" has been created, which has increased the space for pedestrians. There is also more room for a terrace during the summer months, and children can play safely.

"Shopping center Beldershof"
Middenweg 65b, 1619 BN Andijk


In Andijk there are 2 large nature reserves: De Vooroever and Streekbos. The Foreshore starts at 1 kilometer from IJsselhof and continues until Medemblik. The Streekbos can be found on the border with the municipality of Enkhuizen. The areas offer something for everyone. So you can enjoy walking, cycling, and enjoy the animals and nature.

De Vooroever
Natuurgebied de Vooroever is a practically connected area that lies between Medemblik and Andijk. From IJsselhof you can walk to the Vooroever in 20 minutes, the area is also easily accessible by car and parking is free. Over the dike you walk between the meadows and this water-rich nature reserve. There is a cormorant breeding colony and there are dozens of breeding water and swamp birds. The nature reserve also offers a resting place for birds looking for food in the IJsselmeer. Sometimes thousands of ducks can be seen during the migration season and in winter. A walking path from the car park at the Koopmanspolder takes you to a bird lookout point. Some 250 different birds can be found in this nature reserve!

De Koopmanspolder
The Koopmanspolder in Andijk is part of the Vooroever. The polder of 16 hectares has undergone a major change. A piece of everyday outer dike grassland has been changed into a beautiful combination of nature, water, landscape art, culture (history) and recreation. For birdwatchers, the Koopmanspolder is a true bird paradise. After raising the water level, thousands of birds descended on the flooded land. Special specimens such as the ruff and the pintail have already been spotted. Three months a year (15 July to 15 October) you can walk to the heart of the vortex via a shell path. Dogs are not allowed in the polder.

Het Streekbos
The 73 hectare Streekbos was built in 1978. Several hiking routes have been set out. Part of the Streekbos has been extracted from the polder water and has been specially designed to give the growth of water and riverbank plants more chances. You will also observe more and more native species of plants and animals in other parts of the Streekbos, such as the beautiful kingfisher.

Walking routes

Villavakantiepark IJsselhof is the perfect starting point for a nice walk. Walking is a sport for (almost) everyone

Everyone can choose a walking route whose distance suits what you like. We have selected a few for you:

Walking route through De Weelen of 4 km.
Dike walk through Andijk of 12 km.
Village walk through Andijk of 5 km.
Hiking route in De Koopmanspolder Wervershoof.
Walking route with starting point in Onderdijk.
Hiking trail with starting point in Het Streekbos

Water sport

If you think Andijk, then you also think of water sports. Andijk offers various possibilities for sailing enthusiasts and water rides. Centrally located on the IJsselmeer with the Wadden Sea and the Frisian lakes below boating.

The harbor of Andijk is within walking distance of Villavakantiepark IJsselhof. The Andijk harbor is a modern marina on the IJsselmeer that can accommodate about 600 sailing boats. At the port there is the possibility to rent a perfectly maintained, very clean sailing yacht for a competitive price.

Experience the experience of sailing on an authentic wooden cutter with Kulu Sailing trips on the IJsselmeer

  • An unforgettable experience
  • Fun, educational and relaxing for everyone from 0 to 100
  • Actively involved in sailing
  • For 2 to 11 people
  • Walk from 2 hours 20 euro p.p.
  • From May to October, 7 days a week

At the harbor there is also a boat ramp to launch (motor) boats with car and trailer. Wind and kite surf enthusiasts can enjoy the wind on the Foreshore from the Andijk beach.


Hospitality is paramount in all restaurants in West Friesland. There is something for everyone in West Friesland. Restaurants, often in historic buildings, with the focus on an authentic atmosphere, traditional dishes and the use of responsibly made products from the region. Restaurants where every season the experience of that particular season is tasted. These are restaurants that appeal to us and hopefully you:

Hof van Medemblick at Medemblik
Grand Café Hof van Medemblick is housed in a monumental building whose authenticity is preserved in a unique spot on the old inner harbor of Medemblik, with a cozy terrace at the harbor.

Happy Days at Grootebroek
At Happy Days in Grootebroek you will find various types of restaurants where you can eat romantically with 2 people, but also very well with groups for a perfect evening out.

IJgenweis eten & drinken at Bovenkarspel
Good food from the region. Restaurant IJgenweis works with fresh ingredients and partly organic meat and responsibly caught fish. Cosiness, good food, good wines, surprising creations and a cozy atmosphere are our ingredients for a successful culinary evening.

Die Drie Haringhe at Enkhuizen
The restaurant is located in a former VOC warehouse at the old harbor of the picturesque fishing village of Enkhuizen. All dishes are prepared with daily fresh products, where possible from the Westfriesland region.

Onder de Wester at Enkhuizen
The restaurant, in a historic national monument in the center of Enkhuizen, exudes an authentic contemporary atmosphere and the delightful terrace on the historic square of the former Burger Weeshuis will steal your hearts.

Van Dis at Hoogkarspel
A nice and cozy decorated restaurant on the square with delicious dishes. You can go here for lunch and dinner.

Grand Café Turf at Hoorn
A sandbox for children in the middle of the restaurant. A real experience that you should not miss.

Restaurant TOV at Schagen
The restaurant is very attractively decorated with the sheltered courtyard giving an extra dimension to dining at TOV. Since 2008 restaurant TOV has been awarded a Bib Gourmand, a Michelin award that stands for a good price-quality ratio.

Boat trips and boat rentals

The West Friesland region has had an important relationship with water since the Middle Ages. Not surprising, given the geographical location on the Marker and IJsselmeer, the countless watercourses within the contours of the cultural-historical West Frisian Omringdijk and the rich VOC history of Medemblik, Hoorn and Enkhuizen

Thanks to the waterway network West-Friesland, the water is now perfectly suitable for recreation. In the polders Het Grootslag and De Vier Noorder-Koggen, sailing routes have been set out that are signposted by means of a node system.

The electrically powered whisper boat is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the motorboat. The electric motor makes hardly any noise, so that in all silence can enjoy all the beauty that the region has to offer.

There are several boat / canoe rental points in West Friesland:

It is also possible to book a cruise on the Westfriese waters. This can be done for example with:


Medemblik and Hoorn offer with the citytours a tour in environmentally friendly, electrically powered shuttle buses through the history of both cities. The open electric bus makes the museums and attractions in the area optimally accessible.

More information is available here:
Citytours Medemblik
Citytours Hoorn


Around Villavakantiepark IJsselhof, lie the three attractive and versatile shopping cities Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Medemblik. In addition, the shopping centers of Andijk, Wervershoof and surrounding villages offer a complete range for the whole family.

The center of Hoorn has a large shopping area. With a varied range of shops in addition to the large well-known chains. Villa holiday park IJsselhof can recommend a round trip on the Grote Noord, the Nieuwstraat and the Gedempte turfhaven. But also in the small side streets you will find many nice shops.
In Medemblik you will not find the big chains. Fortunately, because what's more fun to surprise you once by inspired retailers. Fashion accessories, beauty, food and drinks, reading material, interior and exterior, toys, gifts and gadgets, you can not think of it that way and it is there. Shopping is still a true treasure hunt for everyone's budget. In the picturesque Medemblik you walk through a cozy Nieuwstraat, with a multitude of specialty shops and fashion stores. And do not forget the side streets. Parking is free with the blue parking disc.
The historic city center of Enkhuizen has a succession of surprising small and larger shops. Many of these are located in beautiful monuments with characteristic details. A look above the shop windows makes shopping in Enkhuizen even more fun.
Villa holiday park IJsselhof you can recommend a visit to the Westerstraat, there you will find next to the chains of the Hema, Blokker and Scapino, the most special shops and boutiques. Stylish design, quirky fashion, delicious chocolates, coffee and tea specialties, trendy glasses, etc.

Cycling routes

Land and water are nowhere as close to each other as in historic West Friesland. You will discover it by bike: the monumental Omringdijk winds along the IJsselmeer - the former Zuiderzee - and runs along farmlands, the Westfriese Vaart, characteristic ribbon villages and old VOC cities.

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Dedicate your trip via the ANWB Knooppuntenroute or fietsrouteplanner van de Fietsersbond or follow a Theme Route. Experience the history in the old cnetra of Hoorn, Enkhuizen or Medemblik or opt for a rural tour through nature.

Cycling routes:
Fietsroute Westfriese stolpeboerderijentocht; 24km startingpoints Hoogwoud, Lambertschaag or Abbekerk
Literair Landschap Route 1; 28 km startingpoint Alkmaar - Schagen
Literair Landschap Route 2; 61 km startingpoint Schagen - Enkhuizen
Het oude land; 40 km startingpoint Hoorn
Het rijke land; 28 km startingpoint Medemblik
Fruitroute; 36 km startingpoint Schellinkhout
Holland Boven Amsterdam;  Various routes in the region
Keer op keer langs het IJsselmeer; 46 km startingpoint Medemblik
Vroegere tijden herleven op de fiets rond Enkhuizen: 67,4 km startingpoint Enkhuizen

A few types of holiday villas, including type Hoorn Wellness 4, have a storage room for approximately 2 (electric) bicycles.


Land and water are nowhere as close to each other as in historic West Friesland. You will discover it on foot: the monumental Omringdijk winds along the IJsselmeer - the former Zuiderzee - and runs along farmlands, the West Frisian Canal, characteristic ribbon villages and old VOC cities.

Experience history in the old centers of Hoorn, Enkhuizen or Medemblik or opt for a rural tour through nature.

In Hoorn it is possible to make a city walk for groups of a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 25 persons, accompanied by Harry Vlaar, guide. This in a pleasant walking pace (4-5 km / hour) and over a distance of about 10 km.

Duration: approximately 2 1/2 hours
Costs: € 25 per group registered (up to 25 people in total) or € 40 in an exclusive group.

Info or registration Harry Vlaar 06 23 48 80 79 or by e-mail.


West Friesland is the area in North Holland that is completely enclosed by the oldest dyke in the Netherlands; de West-Friese Omringdijk. Less than 25 kilometers from Amsterdam is this provincial monument with a total length of 126 kilometers.

This wonder of human hand is already 800 years old and connects the historic cities of Alkmaar, Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. The Omringdijk winds through the landscape like a green route and leads the visitors of Westfriesland along the vast landscape with its unique vistas, the typical ribbon villages with farmhouses and the former VOC cities with their beautifully preserved inner cities. A large part of the dyke still forms the boundary between land and water, elsewhere the dyke runs straight through the land between polders and drained products as a monument to centuries of struggle against water

The dike embraces a rich cultural history and is a platform for many cultural surprises. Get to know one of the striking phenomena from the history of Westfriesland; the forced castles from the 13th century. The Dutch Count Floris V had these forced enclosures built to subject the West Frisian land to themselves. Pay a visit to the renovated Radboud Castle in Medemblik or view the reconstruction of Nuwendoorn Castle in Eenigenburg from the dike.

Westfriesland is a wonderful place to recreate in the wild. For those who enjoy walking and cycling, there are many trips across and around the dike. The number of nature reserves in this region is expanding and new cycling and walking paths are constantly being constructed. A day relaxing on the water? Enjoy sailing or in a spillboat (Westfries for whispering boat) of all the beauty that Westfriesland has to offer.


Noord-Holland has a rich history. The eternal battle against water plays an important role in this. This has caused many historical events, such as the flood disaster in Waterland in 1916, the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer and the construction of the Afsluitdijk.

Also the Russian-English invasion and the Second World War have left their mark in North Holland. Read the hidden stories about the history of North Holland at Infinite Noord-Holland.

The port cities in West Friesland played a major role in the history of the (inter) national merchant shipping of North Holland. In September 2010, the oldest share of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was found in the West Frisian Archive. It was published in 1606 by the VOC room in Enkhuizen.

West Friesland was far out in the Zuiderzee. Because of its favorable location it could focus on overseas trade. Medemblik, Hoorn and Enkhuizen quickly developed into international port cities. That happened well before the establishment of the VOC. Already in 1310 a Medemblikker was spotted in English waters. In 1427, four Hoorn ships took salt from the French Bay of Bourgneuf. In the West Frisian Blokker, near Hoorn, the Beatles gave their only performance in the Netherlands on 6 June 1964.

In auction hall 'Op hoop van zegen', where fruit and vegetables were normally auctioned. An unexpected place. Regular concert halls did not want the Beatles, invariably nicknamed 'De Duivels'. And even though their two concerts lasted no longer than 25 minutes, the spectacle always has a magical shine in the history of West Friesland.

Golf courses

In the immediate vicinity of Villavakantiepark IJsselhof you will find 3 beautiful 18-hole golf courses. In Wervershoof, Westwoud and Winkel you can play golf to your heart's content.

If you prefer to play minigolf with the children, you can visit Onderdijk at Wat Aars.
(here you can also play billiard golf, curling and poolball (combi of pool and football on a field of 8x4 meters)

The Golf course in Westwoud is seen as the most beautiful golf course above the North Sea Canal with a very challenging character.

The Golf course in Winkel has 2 special holes. A Tulip hole and the Westfriese Omringdijk hole.

The Golf course in Wervershoof offers various packages with which you can make a wonderful acquaintance with the golf sport.

Climbing park

Climping park Streekbos is located in the recreational area Streekbos near Enkhuizen. The climbing park contains more than 400 meters of obstacles divided over different heights from 4 to 12 meters and has 2 ziplines. In addition to climbing, we also offer various other activities, including klootschieten and midgetgolf

Do you like excitement, active activity and nature? Then you can have fun at Klimpark Streekbos in Bovenkarspel. For young and old, novice and advanced climbers, we offer a fun, adventurous and exciting day out! In our ecological climbing park you climb safely between the trees and you start challenging obstacles. A nature experience at the top.

What challenge do you embark on?

Are you an explorer, an adventurer, a high flyer or a daredevil? Test your climbing skills on one of the four spectacular climbing courses. They vary in difficulty and height. Climb to 4 or even 11 meters. Move your limits and experience an amazing adventure at Klimpark Streekbos in Bovenkarspel!