General Terms and Conditions Villavakantiepark IJsselhof

General Terms and Conditions Villavakantiepark IJsselhof

Recreational Use

The accommodation you have chosen may only be used for recreational purposes. Uses that are contrary to recreational purposes include, but are not limited to, the following situations:

  • Use for (temporary) housing due to the lack of an official residential address elsewhere.
  • Use for (temporary) housing related to work-related situations.
  • Use for commercial purposes, regardless of its form.
  • Any other use that violates local laws and regulations.

If the agreement with Villavakantiepark IJsselhof is breached by the use of the accommodation that is not in line with the established recreational purposes, Villavakantiepark IJsselhof reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately. In such cases, Villavakantiepark IJsselhof is not obligated to provide any form of compensation. This termination can occur both before and after your arrival at the park. In the event of termination, the obligation to pay the full reservation amount remains. You are not eligible for compensation for any (additional) travel or accommodation expenses.

If Villavakantiepark IJsselhof decides to terminate the agreement due to non-recreational use, fourteen days or less before the scheduled arrival date, you will be liable for fifty percent (50%) of the total reservation amount to Villavakantiepark IJsselhof. When the termination occurs while you are staying in the accommodation, you must vacate it immediately. You must leave both the accommodation and Villavakantiepark IJsselhof immediately. You are not entitled to a refund of (part of) the paid reservation amount, nor are you eligible for any compensation for (additional) travel or accommodation expenses.

If you disagree with a possible rental termination, you have the option to submit your case to the Geschillencommissie Recreatie (Recreation Disputes Committee). For more information about the procedure and conditions, please visit the website of the Geschillencommissie through the following link:

Please note that exceptions to the above-mentioned conditions can only be made in consultation with the park management. Contact Villavakantiepark IJsselhof to discuss specific situations where the use of the accommodation deviates from the recreational purposes. The park management will evaluate the situation and provide written approval if an exception is possible.

The general terms and conditions of Villavakantiepark IJsselhof can be downloaded via the link below.

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