Groceries package

Groceries package

That's handy! The groceries are ready on arrival!

A shopping package large or small (with refreshments, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.) is ready in your holiday villa on arrival.

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Groceries package

The large grocerie package has:
4 pistolets, halvarine butter 500gr, 10 free-range eggs, smoked shoulder ham 115 gr, mature cheese slices 230 gr, cooked gelderse 125 gr, package 500 gr coffee,
filter bags nr.4, 20 theabags English Melange, coffee milk cups, 50 suger sticks, 1,5l orange juice, 1l organic semi-skimmed milk, 1l Coca Cola, 1l Fanta orange,
white wine 75cl (Summer) or red (Winter), six-pack Amstel beer, Brie 200gr, mini crackers 250gr, biscuits, Redband candy 180gr, Toiletpaper 6 roles.

This small grocerie package has:
1 bottle Cola, Fanta, Red Wine or White Wine, coffee creamer cups half full, package 500 gr Roodmerk Coffee, 20 theabags English Melange, 50x sugar sticks, 4 white Pistolet, halvarine Butter, Mature cheese slices 230 gr, filter bags Nr. 4, biscuits and Haribo candy mix 250 gr.

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