The village of Andijk has some cultural highlights. Nice to explore Andijk once culturally.

Musea Andijk

At the foot of the access road you will find two museums under one roof. In the museums permanent exhibitions can be viewed about 5000 years of life and work in the polder "Het Grootslag" and on the Dutch garden seed sector in past, present and future. The museums are located in the former polder pumping station "Het Grootslag", with which the Proefpolder has been drained.

Hoedenmuseum "Zet 'm op"
In the Hoedenmuseum at the Hornpad in Andijk, Annet Mantel - van Dokkum has exhibited her private collection of hats. There are a number of hats that you can fit. For the children there is a questionnaire about various hats that can be seen there.

Surrounding Andijk

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