Next to villapark IJsselhof (ci. 10 min. walk) is a supermarket.
You can get freshly baked bread here and of course any other purchases.
Open from Easter up to and including autumn break. 

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Fresh sandwiches, cookies and sliced bread
Freshly baked every morning. In addition, we also sell bread from the bakery.

BBQ / Gourmet
Do you want to barbecue or gourmet? Extensive barbecue and gourmet packages are available in Attent Supermarkt Klaver. In addition to various types of meat, we also have baguettes and delicious salads in our range.

Furthermore, you can of course get all the other groceries every day in addition to the fresh sandwiches.

The supermarket also has an extensive range of non-food items, including newspapers, tobacco, self-care medicines, toys, souvenirs, etc..

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